Vocabulary list - topic: Being Young (class 11)

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From childhood to adolesence

childhood; have a happy/ an unhappy/ a tough ~

adult; = grown-up; adulthood (n.)

the onset of puberty; !no article; enter ~/ go through ~

one’s body changes

hormone; hormonal (adj.)

mood swings (usu. pl); be in a good mood

teen (infml. AE) = teenager

depression; depressed (adj.)

adolescent; adolescent (adj.) / adolescence

young adult

schoolwork; ‘My schoolwork will suffer.’ (ex. from sitcom)

!!!carefree – careless

teenage emancipation

word familypsychology




emancipate oneself from sb/sth = become emancipated from sb/sth


teen angst; !!!fear / be afraid of / be frightened

upbringing; to bring sb. up

generational conflict; intergenerational

the generation gap; gender gap

youth culture

to define oneself through sth.; definition

parent-child relationship (in noun+noun combinations, the first noun is usually singular in form even if the meaning is plural)

drug abuse (no pl)

collocations withdrugs’: be on ~ /take ~ / use ~ / be addicted to ~ / come off / get off ~

binge drinking; binge (infml)

Sex and sexuality

word family ‘sex’



sexual; ~ maturity/ (= being sexually mature)immaturity/sexually active/ ~ orientation; religious ~ / political ~

sexuality; budding ~



lose one’s virginity

rite of passage

teenage pregnancy

collocations: have sex/ premarital ~ / ~ before marriage / safe ~ / unprotected ~ / ~ education

the emotional side of a relationship / be in a relationship

disease; sexually transmitted disease =STD (AIDS, herpes syphilis


planning your future

school (without article); like ~ /start ~ /leave ~ / go to ~ / at ~ / after ~


final exam(ination); take one’s ~ / take one’s school-leaving exams / do take one’s A-levels (BE)

goals and ambitions in life; ambition

career; make a good  ~ for oneself

further education

gap year (BE); take a ~ /do a ~

military service; do (one’s) ~ / compulsory military service

social service; a voluntary year of social service

job application; to apply for a job / applicant/ university application

traineeship; do a ~

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